City Manager Wayne Cauthen sued for age, race discrimination

Now Vulcan Mayor Mark Funkhouser has someone to commiserate with over the racial discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

A couple of older, white women fired earlier this month from their jobs as budget analysts are claiming reverse discrimination and suing City Manager Wayne Cauthen. The lawsuit brought by 61-year-old Jordan Griffin and 53-year-old Colleen Low alleges racial and age discrimination and retaliation brought against them by Cauthen and the city.

Griffin claims Cauthen blamed her for losing the Internal Revenue Service computer tapes that are still missing. She also claims Cauthen passed up her and qualified white candidates for jobs by denying them interviews. Griffin claims a complaint that she filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity against the city claiming racial discrimination — a complaint that the city settled in May 2008 for $30,000 — made her a target.

Low claims she was fired because she spoke up in Griffin’s defense.

Can’t wait for Cauthen’s diary to become public later this year.

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