‘Christ is the Star of all Star Wars’: Apocalyptic predictions from a long time ago and a mind far, far away


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I Predict 2000 A.D.

Author: Lester Sumrall

Date: 1987

Publisher: LeSea Publishing. Great Bend, Indiana

Discovered at: Goodwill

The Cover Asks: “Will Russia attack Israel before 2000 A.D.? Will there be a one world government by 2000 A.D.?”

Representative Quotes:

“The Lord continued, ‘Besides Oriental religions and cults of demon worship, satanic orgies will become prominent in America.” (page 95)

“Bestiality will become a prominent sin in America and people will lay with animals … Women will say, ‘My dog is nervous and my dog can’t stand it so I have to give him sex. When I give him sex he becomes normal again.'” (page 100)

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