Using a literal interpretation of viral marketing, Chimaira has started leaking clips from its April release at Fans download fliers from the site, send photographic evidence that they’ve distributed them, then receive codes granting access to the site’s resources. Meanwhile, old-fashioned word-of-mouth buzz has already started building about “Secrets of the Dead,” the lone new track on the band’s MySpace page. It’s sludgier than the group’s trademark hardcore-infused thrash, with eerie melodic guitar leads gliding over chugging grooves. Chimaira has earned Slayer comparisons, no small compliment for a next-generation American metal act, and “Secrets” suggests that the upcoming album might be its South of Heaven, definitive proof that it can be just as heavy at a much slower pace. Only a couple of new songs will make the set list, making this concert the perfect opportunity to acclimate to Chimaira’s Infection — without getting “down with the sickness.” (This is a stand-alone, sans-Disturbed date for the other groups on the Music as a Weapon tour.)

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