Chilling out in August with concretes at Andy’s Frozen Custard

Driving down Westport Road on one of the hottest days of the summer so far, I spotted a sign I couldn’t ignore. “Key lime pie concretes,” it read. I hit the brakes.

I needed this not to be a mirage. I needed delicious relief from the punishing heat. Even with my car’s air conditioner at full blast, sweat wouldn’t stop beading on my forehead, wouldn’t stop rolling down my face.

It was real. I had just rounded a midtown bend toward Andy’s Frozen Custard, which opened in June to immediate local rapture. This offspring of the Ozarks original — near the high-traffic gateway to Westport — draws crowds from midday until late at night, and for good reason: The thick, rich and creamy core product here could probably hold a flagpole in place.

The 29-year-old chain’s popularity also has a lot to do with the fact that Andy’s knows just which add-ins, in which amounts, make a concrete phenomenal. I’m all about combining cookie dough, Heath Bar chunks and pretzels, and when I order this at Andy’s, I get a little bit in every bite.

On my first visit, I tried the blackberry concrete, which was loaded with large chunks of real fruit. The small is a gut-busting 16 ounces, so I shared it with my boyfriend. Normally I’d dig all the chunks out and leave the plain ice cream for him, but this time there were plenty of berries for us both.

But on this hot afternoon, I had the Key lime pie concrete to myself, making it just a little more delicious. Key lime filling and crunchy graham cracker chunks were swirled throughout the custard perfectly.

The other regular-menu concretes are combinations that Andy’s has thought up so that your overheated brain doesn’t have to ponder all the options. I’m a fan of the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer, which blends vanilla custard with peanut butter, brownies and hot fudge. Other menu options include floats, Italian ices, and traditional hot fudge sundaes (with pecans).

Not long after my day-improving Key lime concrete, I saw a new sign posted out front: “Peaches are in season.” So they are. And I’m already looking forward to pumpkin-pie and candy-cane concretes this fall and winter. Because no matter the weather, concretes make everything better.

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