Children’s book author hosts reading and workshop this Saturday

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Nikiyah Crosdale poses with her book. // Photo by Anna Patrice Photography

Nikiyah Crosdale is passionate about children’s mental health and writing, and recently, she decided to combine the two. Crosdale spent three years working in KC area education, and learned a lot about how mental health and academic performance go hand-in-hand for students.

“I wrote The Thought Jar because I genuinely believe that positive thoughts lead to positive actions and positive actions lead to a great fulfilling life,” says Crosdale. “It was later in my life that I discovered this, but once I did my life changed for the better. Once I discovered the power of positive thinking, I instantly thought how different my life would be had I learned this earlier. This is what inspired me to write a book about the power of positive thinking.” 

The Thought Jar, illustrated by DeCarso Carroll, follows school-aged Ebea through a bad day as she discovers the power of her thoughts and contains a DIY portion at the end which shows readers how to create their own thought jar.

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Children at Ronnie’s Childcare Center color thought jars. // Photo by Veronica Holmes

Children at a Ronnie's Daycare doing an activity based on the book. // Photo by WAITING ON NAME

The Thought Jar is all about creating positive habits and taking ownership of our inner worlds (thoughts and feelings) which ultimately affect our outer worlds (environment, relationships, peer pressure, etc.),” says Crosdale. “Knowing that you have the power to control your thoughts and perspective in life is very liberating and empowering.”

This is Crosdale’s first book and only book, but she plans to continue writing and publishing children’s stories to provide kids with the stories she wished she had as a child.

“Writing children’s books is my happy place,” says Crosdale, “I currently have something brewing that I am super excited about.”

This Saturday, Crosdale will be hosting a book signing, reading, and workshop where children are invited to attend and create their own “thought jar” as well as get their copies signed.

The event will take place at 3 p.m. at the Vivid Events KC, 824 Main Street.

The Thought Jar is available for purchase here.

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