Child involved in accident with former Chief’s coach Britt Reid is now awake

5-year-old Ariel was in a coma for over 10 days.
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5-year-old Ariel. // Courtesy of Tiffany Verhulst.

According to an update from Ariel’s family, Ariel woke from her coma late Monday night. Ariel had been in the hospital following the car accident involving former Chief’s coach, Britt Reid since Thursday, February 4th.

“She’s awake.” Read the update posted by Tiffany Verhulst, the organizer of Ariel’s GoFundMe page. The update followed multiple other updates by Verhulst, which all announced that there had been no changes to Ariel’s status. “The crash victim is breathing on her own but remains unresponsive,” according to KCPD.

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“She remains in a coma and there are no changes today.” says Verhulst on February 11th, “I’m hopeful that the next time I update this page it’s with better news.”

Ariel’s GoFundMe page has amassed over $490,000 in donations to help cover her medical costs.

A 4-year-old was also injured in the accident, but the child’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Reid also went to the hospital following the accident, with stomach pain and later underwent surgery, according to his father, Andy Reid. His injuries were not specified.

The outside linebacker coach was originally placed on administrative leave immediately following the crash, but when Reid’s contract expired a few days after it was not renewed.

The investigation into the car accident is ongoing, as Reid was suspected to be under the influence. At the time of the accident, Reid told police that he had consumed “two or three” alcoholic drinks and had also taken a prescribed Adderall. No criminal charges have been filed.

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