Chef Jay Smith has a fry based pop-up on Wednesday that’s trying to murder me

You know Chef Jayaun Smith. We named him Chef of the Year before he was 22. He mostly works these days as a private in-home chef to the stars. He’s doing a fry based pop-up on Wednesday the 12th at 5:30pm. I’m worried it will kill me.

Can we prove that this is not his intention? We cannot.

We cannot.

This is seriously happening. I need you to come out. To stop me. To take the gun from my mouth. But this time the gun is a bunch of fries drenched in white queso or something equally as dangerous to me as a bullet.

There’s one with ranch AND buffalo sauce. No, that’s totally fine and normal. In no way an attempted assassination on me personally.

Here’s our video with Chef Jay from late last year, showing off what a chill dude he is.

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