Eat This Now: Cheese Slippers at Messenger Cafe

About ten years ago, Fred Spompinato, the original owner-operator of the Westside’s beloved Fervere bakery, started selling cheese slippers on summer Saturday nights. His over-the-top cheesy creations were a quick hit. Before long, customers were waiting upwards of an hour for the slippers, whose flavors changed from week to week. In 2015, Spominato sold his bakery to Ibis Bakery owners Chris and Kate Matsch. The Matches have honorably continued the beloved tradition, though with a few modifications. As of this year, cheese slipper nights are at Ibis’ Crossroads location at Messenger Cafe. And they’re on Friday nights instead of Saturday nights. But the cheese slippers are still made by hand, using Spominato’s original techniques and that perfect recipe: organic, house-milled wheat flour, olive oil, yeast, organic wheat starter, sea salt, water. Then, heaps upon heaps of cheese, including Tillamook medium aged cheddar, Alma Creamery smoked cheddar, shredded cheddar, Cedar Grove garlic cheese curds. And whatever seasonal and specialty ingredients chef James Loub chooses for that week, be it nduja, broccoli rabe, heirloom tomatoes, or pickled peppers. Get to Messenger every Friday through September, starting at 6 p.m. We are just glad they’re still around. 

Messenger Coffee, 1624 Grand.

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