Cheap Slice: La Quercia Prosciutto Americano at Costco

  • Pig into this one.

There is no shame in brown-bagging it. This is how most of us squeeze out a few dollars to dine at Bluestem, Justus Drugstore and Lidia’s. But just because you’re looking at a sandwich in Tupperware doesn’t mean you have to settle for rubbery, slick bologna.

La Quercia, a brilliant purveyor (and marketer) of ham out of Norwalk, Iowa, is currently selling 8 ounces of its Prosciutto Americano for $9.99 at Costco, 241 East Linwood Boulevard. [Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods and several area Hy-Vee shops also carry their porky goodness.] You know who uses La Quercia ham? Bluestem, Justus and Lidia’s. So for the price of a charcuterie plate, you can have yourself a few days of sandwiches that remind you of the very meals you crave before you dine out this weekend.

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