Cell phones can now be added to Missouri no-call list

  • Cell phones are finally off-limits to telemarketers.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced today that the state’s telemarketing no-call list can now accept cell-phone numbers. Earlier this year, the state Legislature passed a law expanding the list – which has 1.8 million land lines already registered – to include cell phones.

You can add your cell to the list by calling 1-866-662-2551 or going online here.

“Unwanted calls and text messages to cell phones are particularly irksome,” Koster said in a statement today, “because cell-phone users have to pay for incoming calls and texts.”

If you’ve had enough of spam texts and calls, act now! In his statement, Koster said that if you put your number on the list before July 31, it will be included when the state updates the registry on October 1. If you wait, the earliest you’ll be free from calls is January 1. Maybe now these jags that keep calling to tell me that I won a cruise trip will leave me alone.

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