Celeste Gant dishes on her life and upcoming cupcake flavors at KC Cupcake Co. in KCK

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Celeste Gant at KC Cupcake Co. // Photo courtesy of Celeste.

The owner and founder of Kansas City Cupcake Co. Cafe in downtown Kansas City Kansas, Celeste Gant knows a thing or two about sweet treats. Celeste tells about her experience owning a small business and when she learned to start baking.

Social media handles: @kccupcakeco (for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)


Hometown:  St. Louis, MO

Current neighborhood: Overland Park, KS

Your drink: Truly Mango Hard Seltzer with a squirt of pineapple mango Mio, and a few chunks of watermelon!

Where’s dinner?  That’s a tough one! There’s so many great places here. I’m really loving KC Pinoy and Slaps for consistently excellent eats!

What does Kansas City need more of? DooDah Diner in Wichita. No disrespect to the KC brunch scene, because it’s awesome here, but this place is worth the drive just for one meal! (Banana bread French toast voted best in KS)

What was the last thing you laughed at? Ted Lasso is hilarious. I’m in search for that signature “Joe Arthur’s KC Gatestack” shirt!

Favorite cupcake flavor you make? Wow, that’s not fair, kind of like “who’s your favorite kid!”  I love them all!

Who taught you how to bake? My mom and my sister. They had me totally spoiled until we moved to Colorado and I realized I couldn’t cook! I started collecting great recipes, had some good success, and I was on my way!  I still can’t touch my moms apple pie or my sisters pound cake. Honestly I don’t even try!  They are awesome!

The last book you read? Taste of Home Fall Cooking. (I love cookbooks! They inspire me!)

What’s your hidden talent? I’m hilarious! It’s not really hidden, but I love to make people laugh!

What’s your guilty pleasure? Popcorn! All types, but usually dripping with butter.

The best advice you ever got:  Love with all your heart, don’t hold back, there’s no plan B.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I thought I would go into communications or P.R.

What’s your greatest struggle right now? Dealing with shortening daylight. I love summer and its long sunshiny days.

Got any new exciting menu items coming up? We just started our Fall flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie. Also I’m really loving our soups for cooler weather. We will also be doing our Pumpkin Pie Cake, with is fantastic. It’s like a buttery streusel cake and pumpkin pie, in one incredible bite!

What would you tell your younger self?  Don’t rush the present, enjoy every step of life’s  journey.

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