Captain Kirk stands up for Kansas State marching band in Starship Enterprise vs. phallus debate

Captain Kirk has finally weighed in on the Kansas State marching band penis vs. Starship Enterprise debate. William Shatner is telling Big 12 Conference leaders to get their minds out of the gutter.

Shatner came to Kansas State University’s defense today on Twitter as the university announced self-imposed sanctions, including a $5,000 penalty for violating the Big 12’s sportsmanship policy, a one-game suspension for marching band director Frank Tracz and more.  

According to TMZ, Shatner claims to see the ship in the formation — not a giant dong, quoting him saying: “Yes! Did you see the plan for the formation? Its exactly this.”

Captain, we present exhibit No. 2.

 Damnit, Jim. This still looks like a penis to us.

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