“Calm Down, Baby:” New Mac Lethal Video with Behind-the-Scenes Action


Mac Lethal – “Calm Down, Baby”

Considering that the production of this video took up a considerable chunk of my life earlier this year, I’m rather embarrassed that I was not aware until today, Election Day 2008, that the finished product has been up on YouTube for a whole bloody week!

Now, you’ll want to know how I, Timothy “Tim” Phillips, former adversary of one David McCleary Sheldon, was involved in this filmation. Well, ages, nay, eons ago, Mr. Sheldon and I — barely passing acquaintances at the time — became full-on rivals when I entered into an understanding with a Ms. Sarah P———, upon whom, at the time, Mr. Sheldon had his eye. It was an unfortunate alliance for me, but I am glad that it provided artistic material later in life for Mr. Sheldon. Really, I needn’t go on; it’s all in the song.

Fast forward several decades, and here I am, still and ever Tim Phillips, being asked by my own age-old enemy (now a famous rap-star aliased “Mac Lethal”) to make a cameo as myself in the musical video for his autobiographical hit song “Calm Down, Baby” off his major-label debut album, 11:11.

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