When legends meet teen prodigies onstage, the pairing often is as ill-fated as a child-adult switching-places film. Either the up-and-comers embarrass the past-their-prime elders, or the hall-of-famers offer audience members a glimpse of what makes them great and remind the crowd that the young bucks still have a lot of catching up to do. However, on Friday night, the Folly Theater hosts a rare sure-to-be-successful summit of jazz greats past, present and future when 93-year-old violinist Claude “Fiddler” Williams joins fourteen-year-old pianist Eldar Djangirov for a night of duets that swing like Bono and Frank Sinatra never could. With Interstring providing the backdrop, Williams and Djangirov will exchange dazzling solos, with both masters finding common ground in a realm of instrumental excellence that transcends age.

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