Buying gourmet food online

Once the domain of high-end restaurants and the super-rich, many food delicacies are not only now for sale online, they’re in abundance. Some of the fanciest foods are available at plebeian prices.

Witness the price-slashing at Amazon’s Gourmet Food Store which acts as a middleman for high-end retailers to sell chocolates, coffee, steaks, cheeses and other items. For its summer sale, Omaha Steaks is offering more than half-off gourmet burgers. At iGourmet, a two-pound tote-bag of English versus German cheese retail-priced at $50 is on sale for under $20.

The real advantage is being able to compare luxury foods and see what other people think of them. Take caviar. Amazon features more than 20 sellers of every type of caviar, from real Russian sevruga to salmon row and everything in-between, thus prices range from a couple of bucks per ounce all the way into the thousands of dollars.

The most helpful tab on Amazon’s Gourmet page is shopping by discount. The choices are eclectic, most often chocolate-related and dirt cheap. In other words, the perfect place to pick out an expensive-looking gift when you don’t know what else to get and only have a few bucks. 

(Image via Flickr: Marco Veringo)

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