The first annual National Burnt Ends Day honors one of KC’s biggest culinary creations


Brisket from Zarda. // Corutersy Zarda Bar-B-Q

One of Kansas City’s most famous culinary marvels is getting more national attention. The American Royal and Zarda Bar-B-Q partnered to make September 1, 2021 the inaugural National Burnt Ends Day. 

“This is the beginning of what we hope becomes a delicious and beloved tradition in Kansas City and across the country,” says Kim Palmer, Chief Marketing Officer for the American Royal. “We plan to expand programming around Burnt Ends Day to include restaurants and organizations nationally, making this an annual day of giving to support our charitable mission. It’ll also be a fun precursor to our annual World Series of Barbecue.”

The World Series of Barbecue is held in Kansas City and is the world’s largest barbecue competition in terms of the number of teams. National Burnt Ends Day pays tribute to the city’s barbecue history and allows for people to give and, most importantly, eat while preparing for the American Royal’s events.

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Limited reserve burnt end sandwich from Zarda. // Courtesy Zarda Bar-B-Q

Zarda is observing the new national holiday by offering their limited reserve, regular pork, and new apple harvest burnt end sandwiches for $7.99 all day Sept. 1. A portion of the proceeds from those sales will go towards American Royal. 

Burnt ends have changed since their inception, from delicious scraps to a highly sought-after dish regional dish. Each burnt ends offering is unique and personal to its specific barbecue spot in the city. Tasting as many as you can on this new annual barbecue day seems to be a fitting way to celebrate.

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