Burgers & Chicks in the Northland: The Fast (Food) and the Furious

A friend of mine was almost desperate to make a pilgrimage to the new fast-food mecca in the Northland: Burgers & Chicks at 5018 N.E. Parvin Road, a locally owned restaurant that offers the greatest hits of the American fast-food repertoire, including fried chicken, fried fish, burgers, shakes and onion rings, matchstick fries and fried okra.

“It has everything I love on one menu,” he said.

The owners recently remodeled a former Kentucky Fried Chicken venue in the Holiday Hills Shopping Center to create a prototype fast-food restaurant that could easily be expanded into other markets.
The double cheeseburger was excellent – big and beautiful and juicy. The fried chicken was crispy but bland, and the fried fish fillets were very thin, not very flaky and chewy. The fried okra was also pretty chewy, and the onion rings were disappointingly greasy. Still, the prices are very reasonable, the service is snappy, and there’s something for almost everyone on a menu that’s not very healthy but somewhat alluring.

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