St. Louis music fans have the privilege of seeing Bunnygrunt (or its alter ego, a Blondie cover band called Blondiegrunt) perform on a regular basis. But the rest of the country rarely gets a chance to experience the sloppy-pop innovators up close. That’s a shame because the act’s shambling indie-guitar rock and anime-eyes-cute lyrics (think punk rock for the socially awkward and malnourished, in-a-cardigan set) have transcended the twee-core tag that Bunnygrunt received in the ’90s. If anything, the ‘Grunt’s influence, which extends to peers such as Tullycraft and Dear Nora and current buzz bands such as the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, has grown mightier over the band’s 16-year career. Watch for a new LP, Matt Harnish and Other Delights, to arrive in the coming months.

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