Buckle Bunny Picks: 10 Best Local Songs of 2008

A lot of sweet sounds emanated from these parts in 2008. In no particular order, here is a list of the local tracks I dug the most this year, including some videos. Note: Several of these weren’t officially released, but I heard ’em in the clubs or jammed ’em online.

“Strut,” Beautiful Bodies. Touch Me. (self-released)

“Stupid Dance,” Softee. Birds and Aliens. (Chauncey Recordings)

“The Battle of Josephine,” Klangs. Khorky Custer Khrusty Presents the Klangs. (self-released)

“Tierra Firme,” Making Movies. Tierra Firme Vol.1: Lobos.Wolves EP. (self-released)

“Nightmarer,” Queens Club.


“Pills,” Architects. Vice. (Anodyne)

“The Nerve,” Republic Tigers. Keep Color. (Chop Shop)

“Sleepwalker,” Flee the Seen.

“Whiskey Pills Lady Shake,” Thunder Eagle.
“The Hardest Part,” Olympic Size. You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone. (self-released)

Crystal K. Wiebe

Categories: Music