Britt Frank’s UnStuck column will bring free mental health support to readers of The Pitch

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Britt Frank.

A bit of The Pitch housekeeping here, and a neat announcement.

We’re starting a new bi-weekly column with local psychotherapist Britt Frank (MSW, LSCSW, SEP, other letters as well), who is going to do an advice column… for you and your submissions. You might know Frank as a social media maven with a huge following, but you should know her from her almost annoyingly helpful book The Science of Stuck.

The new column, UnStuck, will focus on helping you with whatever is casting a shadow over your brain these days.

If you’re looking at something internally weird and bad, odds are that a bunch of the rest of us are too. Let’s all get better together? Submit your questions/queries/quandaries to and we’ll stick someone darkly honest but highly skilled on it.

As a graduate of both Duke University (BA) and the University of Kansas (MSW), Frank is a trauma specialist who is certified in Somatic Experiencing and is trained in Internal Family Systems (Level 3). She’s also an award-winning adjunct professor at KU and has taught classes on ethics, addiction, and social work practice.

Britt Frank is a therapist, teacher, speaker, and trauma specialist who is committed to dismantling the mental health myths that keep us feeling stuck and sick. Which, we think y’all can agree on, we’re all kinda there right now at the end of pandemic.

Submit your questions/queries/quandaries here:

Her work focuses on empowering people to understand the inner mechanisms of their brains and bodies. When we know how things work, the capacity for choice is restored and life can and does change. Frank’s goal is to educate, empower, and equip people to transform even their most persistent and long-standing patterns of thinking and doing.

  • Breaking old habits and patterns: taking control of your choices to create the life you want
  • Gaining perspective on pain and trauma from the past
  • Freeing yourself from the tortuous “why” questions
  • Explaining why we feel the things we feel and do the things we do
  • Why we need the parts of ourselves that we hate

We had Britt on an episode of the Streetwise podcast last week. You can hear the moment when we realize that she needs to be helping more than just our Editor-in-Chief.

Check out more of her work at The Greenhouse and find her book The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward for a good 101 on what you can expect from Dr. Britt.

Let Britt know what she can help you with—anonymously and via this email that we aren’t sure you’ve seen yet:

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