Brit Schitt talks drinks

Empty Glass is a weekly post devoted to furthering the alcoholic rock star image and mythos. That’s right, kids — drinking has no negative side effects and makes you look cool, to boot.

Brit Schitt is the drummer for recently reformed ’90s punks Sex Offenders, as well as hardcore act 3PAC. As a man who’s in and out of clubs on a regular basis, he’s a man to answer the question, “What’s your favorite drink, and where do you like to drink it?””

Bourbon and Coke at the Stagecoach, which is actually the well, Ten High and RC. Dave’s Stagecoach: I love that place.

Sex Offenders next play at the Scion Lab on Wednesday, May 12, with Der Todesking, the Inquisition, and Liquor Control as they open for Fang.

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