Bring Trader Joe’s to Kansas City

If you have a Facebook account, I demand this instant that you log in and join the group “Bring Trader Joe’s to Kansas City, Missouri!” The only requirement for joining: You must be in the Kansas City, Missouri, network. Currently the group sits just shy of 3,000 members.

That’s an important number. It proved to be how many signatures Nashville’s petition received before Trader Joe’s listened and opened up in the Music City less than two months ago. The Nashville petition started in August 2007, and it took 15 months to gather 3,000 signatures. “Bring Trader’s Joe to Kansas City, Missouri!” has been active for less than a year.

The group was started by Rachel Perry Hanses, who said she started shopping at Trader Joe’s when she was 6. “My mom and I would drive an hour to go to the TJ in Los Angeles. I recall sitting in my yard eating peanut butter pretzels.” Although she has e-mailed Trader Joe’s numerous times, Hanses said the company has never responded.

Maybe it will when 3,000 of her closest friends weigh in.

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