Breakfast Buffet: Wednesday, 9/3


Writing about beer can be a fruitful endeavor. Especially when said beer is free and also fruity though not technically a “fruit beer.” (A Beer Sort of Blog)

I am an admitted cake thief, but I’ve never been caught. This blogger has a forensic-detective-in-the-making for a daughter and while the evidence is against him, based on the picture of the cake, I do not blame him for his crime. (RDM Random Remarks)

And the winner for this month’s semi-popular vegetable and/or fruit that scientists now say has thousands of medical benefits they previously did not know about is (drumroll please)…artichokes! (Common Ground)

You may not need the advice of this article today, tomorrow, this month or even this year. But somewhere, at some time, you’ll need to open up a wine bottle without using a corkscrew and that’s when the dividends for reading this how-to pay off big time. (Wired)

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