Breakfast Buffet: Wednesday, 10/08


At the debates last night Barack Obama looked healthy and vigorous and…was that a salsa stain on his shirt? No. Oh wait, that was my shirt. Obama’s favorite Mexican place in Chicago is not the salsa and chips type anyway. (NPR)

One last political post this week. A man in Boca Raton got really mad when it turned out the Sarah Palin he met was not the real Sarah Palin. Best part is she looks nothing like Sarah Palin. (Palm Beach Post)

I’ve been to some depressing bars but getting drunk in an airport at a Whopper Bar owned by Burger King would take the cake. (WSJ)

Listening to an iPod while running or doing other cardiovascular exercise can actually increase your performance. We’re not talking like .0003 percent or some so-small-only-scientists-would-notice number. It can increase performance by as much as 15 percent. That’s a whole lot although it still is hell on the ears. (Scientific Blogging)

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