Breakfast Buffet: Tuesday, 9/23

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A very interesting article about the theory of standing in lines and how companies like Disney and Starbucks are masters of it. It starts off with a obvious point that’s worth repeating: humans are the only animals that have the idea of lines. (Scientific Blogging)

Wisconsin is the best state in the Union. That’s not my opinion, that’s a fact proved by the state’s dominance of beer, cheese, The Dells, Madison, The Onion, and now they even have sanctioned tomato fighting. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Just more proof that obesity is the next lawsuit epidemic. A new study shows that being overweight is more harmful to your heart than smoking. (

In his bid to become to cooking what Wayne Newton is to music, Rocco DiSpirito is appearing on “Dancing With The Stars” this season. Mama’s meatballs couldn’t save him and he got a pretty crappy score. Here’s an interview with the former chef about the show. (TONY)

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