Breakfast buffet: Tuesday, 10/28

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It may be true that you are what you eat (in which case I’m at least 50 percent Cheetah ala Chester) but scientists have now proven what anybody who has ever drank alcohol already knew: you feel more like what you drink. Surprisingly, this goes for non-alcoholic drinks too. (Time)

Remember those Road-Kill Cafe shirts? Well I had like ten. (Yes, I was a misguided youth.) That’s all I could think about when I saw this article about this Chinese restaurant that was shut-down for butchering a deer in the kitchen. I remember smear of deer costing $2.95. Police don’t know yet though if this deer was road-kill or hunted. Fortunately the deer was already dead or you could say, (wait for it) that it was deerly departed. (Buffalo News)

This article is a bit complicated weighed down in technology and business mumbo-jumbo but it has to do with the new sweetner Stevia and how big it might become. This is the second-time I’ve linked to an article about Stevia because my gut tells me this could be the next big thing. Actually my gut only tells me I’m hungry but anyways. (AP Food Technology)

McDonald’s high-end coffee is proving to be a tougher sell than McDonald’s expected. Though it’s not customers who have trouble buying into it, it’s the franchisees. (WSJ)

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