Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 7/31


A local beer blogger is giving away some awesome free schwag (sorry stoners, not that type) and all you have to do is answer one question right to be entered in the contest. If you are very knowledgeable about beer this is your contest. (A Beer Sort of Blog)

An article on cultivating a taste for cheap wine. Wasn’t that what college was for? (WSJ)

Here’s a New York Times op-ed that’s about champagne. Except, it’s not about champagne, it’s about all wines. Or is it about globalization, recession or global warming? Frankly, the entire thing was more confusing than a Beckett play. But since it is on the most important page of the most important newspaper, it’s probably good to read it anyhow. (NYT)

A state-by-state map of obesity levels. Kansas and Missouri are both squarely in the middle. Mississippi is the fattest and annoyingly, our neighbor to the west Colorado takes the title of thinnest by a good margin. I don’t know if the solution is to diet or send truckloads full of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls to Denver. (Economist)

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