Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 4/23

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A trip through the Guinness factory and dispelling the myth that the Irish serve their beers warm. All that and more in this round-up of drinking on the Emerald Isle. [JJs in KC]

Speaking of Ireland, a Southern Illinois professor who attended college in Kansas is going to that country for a year to teach about local food. Better than trying to teach the Irish about local beer. [Irish KC]

I stupidly forgot to mention them yesterday but agree that AMC’s Mainstreet Theater is going to be most famous for its giant pickles. [Hot Blog on a Stick]

Fine-dining and steak in the Bronx (and not at Peter Luger’s — that’s in Brooklyn) but at new Yankee’s Stadium. [ESPN]

I thought for sure this was a nickname for meth but no, it turns out street meat is actual chicken and ribs. Be warned, if someone tries to sell you meat on the street today, it’s hot. As in stolen, not physically hot. Well, it could be physically hot as well. [Plog]

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