Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 12/18

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You know, what this economy needs is more $20,000 bottles of champagne like this one sold at a club this week. I’m not an economist but even Bernard Madoff would call that a bad investment. [Guest of a Guest]

I’ve been on a champagne kick of late (not $20,000 bottles though) and so this list from Forbes on 12 bubblies that are affordable was a Godsend and in the nick of time for the holidays. [Forbes]

Sorry to Adam and Eve but there’s a new first-life-form-on earth scientists have named LUCA. It’s not as complicated (or as sinful) as the famous pair but it beat them to the title by a couple eons. [Scientific Blogging]

How about a third champagne link. This one doesn’t have to do with bottles of the bubbly, but instead how to add those bubbles to different fruits and give them carbonation. [NPR]

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