Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 10/23

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Sometimes I link to another blog with links, which is what I am doing today with this post on finding good deals on groceries — and then you click those links and go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. (Just Me)

I was going to make the obligatory masturbating joke to this post about sausage and art, but I’ll be darned if the poster didn’t already beat me. (That counts as a mini one.) (Hot Blog on a Stick)

Taco Bell is offering free tacos if there’s at least one stolen base during the World Series. It doesn’t matter if it’s by the Rays or Phils, and that makes the odds very, very good (like 1000 to 1) that I shall be receiving a free taco in the near future. (WSJ)

According to this Deloitte survey and a little something called common sense, expect holiday shopping to be down, down, down this year. The survey says that the average shopper is buying 21 gifts instead of 23. Fear not, I shall maintain my average gift-giving at a healthy zero. (KC Biz Journal)

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