Breakfast Buffet: Monday, 9/15


Shoneys’ founder Raymond Danner died recently, leaving behind a legacy of buffets and a ghost of what was once the country’s third largest sit-down chain. (WSJ)

Another person who passed on this weekend was author (and lover of footnotes) David Foster Wallace. He wrote on a number of subjects, including food. One of his finest is this article from 2004 for Gourmet. (Gourmet)

File this in the ideas-just-so-crazy-they-might-actually-work category: a mozzarella bar. It sounds wrong yet delicious at the same time. I really hope this does well in New York so it will come here. (NYT)

Wheat is selling down 40 percent from what it was last year and yet, food costs, including the price of bread, continue to go up. Free market or the consumer getting screwed? (AP Food Technology)

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