Breakfast Buffet: Monday, 8/18


Kansas City Lunch Spots finds a Mediterranean restaurant on Metcalf not named Mr. Gyros and tries some interesting drink choices, including one I profess to never hearing about called Vimto. You’ll have to read it to find out what it is. (KC Lunch Spots)

A nice post that explains how important food is on a flight and the little touches that make Southwest better than any other airline in terms of personality. (Making of a Foodie)

KC Perky is in need of a Leawood/Overland Park sort-of area correspondent to help with its coffee reviews. If you are on up on the Johnson County java jive, this may be your lucky day. (KC Perky)

We have finished evolving or at least now that mankind has invented a way to put bacon and bourbon together, we have no more need to. (KC Beer Blog)

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