Breakfast Buffet: Monday 8/11

Staying on the subject of debunking myths, there are still a lot of inaccuracies surrounding caffeine that this article clears up. Though short of it causing death or hair loss, I don’t think anything could make me give up my six cups of coffee a day. (NYT)

This is by far the best reason I’ve seen to actually watch the Olympics. It’s the Olympics Drinking Game! (Radar Online)

Anthony Bourdain, who’s coming to Kansas City next month, is the 10th highest-earning chef in the world at $1.5 million per year. The number-one-earning chef makes $18 million but you’ll have to click to find out who (there’s a high chance you’ll yell at the screen upon learning.) Forbes

A plan by British schools to measure students’ body mass index and report it to parents along with grades is drawing fire…for not going far enough. (Time)

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