Breakfast Buffet: Monday, 8/04


The Wyandotte County Fair was this weekend, which meant wrecking cars and lots of junk food. Wait, that’s different from any weekend in Wyandotte how? (M.Toast Hivemind)

Knowledgeable opinions about some of the better beer selections at The Foundry. I believe seven beers are mentioned which means only 100 more to go. (NoodleTown)

In a move that’s sure to anger hungry late-night McDonald’s customers like myself, the chain is testing changes to its dollar menu and may even raise prices. (WSJ)

Late-night snacks mess up your sleep. You don’t have to drink coffee for it to energize you — just smell it. Cutting back on cholesterol could help memory when you’re older. Lots of information from medical journals to digest here. (Common Ground)

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