Breakfast Buffet: Monday 7/21


Contrary to my previous prediction, I’m sorry to say your Starbucks isn’t safe. The company is closing four area stores: three in the burbs and the one in the H&R Block Building. I apologize if you thought I had any insider information on my last post. I should have made clear I didn’t. I was just trying to read the tea leaves (coffee beans) of what the press release and Starbucks’ CFO was saying. (KC Biz Journal)

Coffin cost too much? Brass urn still a little heavy on the wallet? Try the hip, new, cheap thing in cremations — coffee cans. (Times Online)

Don’t count on the outrage over InBev and Anheuser-Busch to die anytime soon. Now that the sale looks final, the massive cuts InBev has done everywhere else begin. (Time)

Sad article on how the world food crisis is especially hurting women in less-developed countries. (Washington Post)

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