Breakfast Buffet: Monday, 12/12

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To start the week, a special hello to my grandpa who I just found out is a reader!

That angry Whopper is not very angry at all. Plus, a great insight into why I never use the drive-through. [Hot Blog on a Stick]

It’s nice to see Venus in the Kitchen blogging again and she wastes no time detailing how hard it is to build up clients. When it starts to rain though, it pours. [Venus in the Kitchen]

Of course a New York restaurant had to give up a giant lobster to PETA. It had already broken the first rule when it comes to animals you eat: Don’t name it. George, who weighed 20 pounds, is now back safely in the Atlantic Ocean. [CNN]

It took about 24 hours for squirrels to become the next hot food. There’s even testing of cajun-squirrel flavored potato chips (crisps!) in Britain. [Telegraph]

—By Owen Morris

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