Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 9/19


You can smoke in Kansas City again! …providing you’re a tobacco shop that “prohibits those younger than 18 and have separate ventilation systems.” Is this a win for the smoking advocates or a slap in their wheezing faces? (KC Biz Journal)

Happiness is a warm gun and perfection is a fresh fig. I’m not sure I agree with either account, though I do think the former would make a catchy song. (NPR)

The EU has busted a smuggling unit in Estonia that built a one-mile underground tunnel to transport vodka. It’s kind of a fun story until this graf: “Hundreds of Russians die each year from drinking ultra-strong homemade vodka, and many who live in the country’s poorer regions resort to drinking shoe polish and cologne in an attempt to get drunk.” That’s just sad. (Telegraph)

Call it the human touch. A restaurant in Sweden is serving dishes made of breast milk. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner is a Mr. N. Bates. (London News)

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