Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 7/18


On my first birthday, I got some Gerber’s peas and baby formula. Definitely not a cake from the only master pastry chef in KC like this lucky b-day boy. (Noodletown)

For the vegetarian in your life. Where to find some decent BRDs in town. That would stand for burger replacement devices or veggie burgers to non-sophisticated omnivores like myself. (M. Toast Hivemind)

T-Day! The FDA declares all tomatoes safe to eat.* (AP)

Elton John gets his own Ben & Jerry’s flavor called Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road. I wonder what the runner-up names were? Candy in The Wind? Don’t Let the Sundae Go Down on Me? (Portfolio)

*As long as you’re not elderly, young, suffering from a weakened immune system or in any other ways, not a perfect human specimen.

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