Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 5/29

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College and high school students, here’s an addendum to the Fat City post on interning at farms. This went up on KC Food Circle’s blog yesterday: Greater KC Area Students, if you are looking for summer work on a local organic or free-range farmstead or in an urban/community garden, post your work wanted ad by e-mail to”

Four rules for healthier eating include stopping a habit I’d never heard of — people gorging on unhealthy food while watching healthy meals prepared on the Food Network. [CNN]

Coffee is dirt-cheap considering that it has to be hand-picked, shipped, processed and roasted. But with a spate of foul weather messing up coffee crops all over the world that might change soon. [Time]

There may be a recession and you can probably get a table on the same night you call, but damn it, Thomas Keller’s wunder-restaurant Per Se refuses to skimp on any item in the kitchen. [NYT]

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