Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 10/31

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The British Military is now offering its personnel a 62-page book of recipes, with an introduction by Gordon Ramsey, to spruce up meals in the field. (AP)

If this isn’t an infomercial already, it will be soon. Would you like to earn extra cash? $2,000 or even $5,000 a month all without leaving the comfort of your own home? Then all you need to do is open a karaoke bar in your living room. (Time)

The latest trend in hotels: building the most fashionable ones you can on the least fashionable spot you can find. For instance, The Liberty Hotel in Boston. Until recently, it was better known as Charles Street Jail. (Portfolio)

Times are tough but for the most part, restaurants are doing fine. What a crazy world we live in when the normally volatile restaurant industry turns into one of the safer industries. WSJ)

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