Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 10/03


For supposedly drinking beer all day, KC Beer Blog really churns out the posts. (I’m beginning to suspect they may secretly be teetotalers.) Here’s a great roundup from a sushi bar where the old world of trains delivering food (a la Fritz’s) meets the new world of sushi? (KC Beer Blog)

I’d still rather be a fisherman than a fish (I don’t know if that makes sense; an elderly man told me that at church one day so it must be true!) but neither are having an easy time of it. The answer to keeping fish on our plates past the middle of the century may come down to quotas. (Time)

I could have made a cheap ‘shrooms-California-Haight-Ashbury-hippy joke here but I didn’t. I used self-restraint and will just say that exotic mushrooms look poised to be the next big thing on the West Coast. (LA Times)

The wealthy are afraid of running out of money. My advice is to never have any money in the first place. That’s how I stopped worrying about the problem. Now I just worry about other things, like which fast food restroom to steal toilet paper from. (WSJ)

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