Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 01/09

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Proof that you don’t need to take out a mortgage to have a great time in Kansas City on New Year’s Eve. [Bradical Mindspew]

I know the Internet allows for a niche market but I wonder just how many Canucks reading the Canadian Press were wondering what’s new in Kansas City in 2009. If you run into any of our neighbors from the great white north this year, you’ll know the article worked. [Canadian Press]

From the history books: Richard Nixon proves himself the ultimate dick host by serving guests (congressmen) a modest wine while serving himself an all-time great. [NYT]

Americans eat too many things but one item we don’t get enough of is lentils. A staple the rest of the world over because they’re cheap and good, they will be making a splash here soon. [NPR]

Owen Morris

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