Boys Will Be Bois

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how gay, straight or bi you are — and you want to find out in public — this is the night to visit Wilde’s Chateau 24 (2412 Iowa in Lawrence, 785-856-1514). Prior to the weekly Wednesday pride night activities, there will be a live taping of the 25th episode of Lawrence-based sexuality podcast The Bois. Since February, show hosts Scott Winer and Todd Pickrell have made all of their guests complete the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, generating a wide range of results. Tonight, audience members can also do the grid and observe as the wisecracking Winer and Pickrell pick a special guest’s brain about things dirty, hot and strange. Past podcasts have covered the loss of virginity, blow-job tips and discussions of particularly well-endowed boyfriends. “At first, it was getting to know our friends, and now it’s getting to know other people and talking about sexuality, which is something that we all share,” Pickrell says. If you can’t make it to the bar, listen at Tonight’s show starts at 7:30. Cover is $5 if you’re 18 to 20; it’s free if you’re of legal drinking age.

Wed., Aug. 19, 7:30 p.m., 2009