Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale will not be made in 2013

  • Chris Mullins
  • Chocolate Ale won’t be rolling down the assembly line next year.

Boulevard brewers will no longer be standing perplexed in the pantyhose aisle.

As Pitch staff writer Ben Palosaari reported yesterday, Boulevard is not producing Chocolate Ale in 2013. The brewery’s founder, John McDonald, made a de facto announcement during the IKC 2012 conference downtown – a statement confirmed by Boulevard communications manager Julie Weeks last yesterday afternoon.

Chocolate Ale, a collaboration between Boulevard’s brewmaster Steven Pauwels and chocolatier Christopher Elbow, has been produced the past two years. It was a labor-intensive lark – brewers rigged pantyhose in the kettle to make it easier to remove the cocoa nibs that imparted the chocolate flavor to the beer – that left Boulevard feeling like it had a wicked hangover.

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