Boulevard gives its Pilsner a new name and a different look

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  • KC Pils is the newest addition to the Boulevard lineup.

KC Pils officially replaces Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Pilsner on shelves this week. (Ten percent of the rebranded brew’s sales go to three local charities, selected on a rotating quarterly basis by popular Web vote.) Boulevard introduced its all-malt Pilsner in 2009 as a way into the yard-beer market. But it became apparent that the people drinking it were the same folks buying the brewery’s flagship beers. So two years ago, Boulevard began plotting a new direction for Pilsner, one that focused on Kansas City’s history rather than the regional tradition of brewing pale lagers.

“I think it’s high time to wear the badge and be proud of Kansas City,” says Payton Kelly, Boulevard’s creative director. “We want someone to have a pleasant drinking experience and think of their hometown.”

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