Bobcat Attack

Remember in, like, 1987, when Bobcat Goldthwait‘s stand-up routine included dead-on mimicry of Bono’s messianic posing and solemn warbling? It wasn’t so much parody as a thinly veiled confession: Goldthwait had a total man-crush on the lilliputian Irish rocker. We don’t know if Bobcat still hearts Bono, but we do know that the phlegm-alicious comedy vet is still fuckin’ funny. Goldthwait played the crook-turned-cop in Police Academy IV, but his magnum opus is 1991’s Shakes the Clown, a gritty exposé of clownery’s seedy underbelly. Tonight he slays at the Improv at the Majestic (7430 Northwest 87th Street), continuing with shows every night through Sunday. Call 816-587-4500 for reservations. Also this weekend, Stanford’s Comedy Club (1867 Village West Parkway, 913-400-7500) welcomes fellow Police Academy alum Michael “The Guy Who Does Sound Effects With His Mouth” Winslow. Don’t be surprised if the Muddy Mo begins to froth and flow blood-red — Nostradamus predicted this unholy convergence as a sign of the apocalypse.

Fri., April 11; Sat., April 12; Sun., April 13, 2008

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