Blunt Econ 101

Hip-hop MC Priceless Diamonds describes herself as a “boss bitch” who grew up boosting clothes and turning the occasional trick. She’s no angel, but she’s got advice. So listen up, y’all.

If someone gave you a knockoff purse, would you think they were cheap or thrifty?

The Boss Bitch always knows a knockoff from the real thing. I wouldn’t be mad if I knew their financial situation, because I know it’s the thought that counts. And if it’s cute. But if it’s someone out here rolling in dough? I’m gonna be fucking offended. For real. If I know their financial situation, they want me to look good, they know I need this Prada and I need this Gucci to keep my status up. I would say it’s the thought that counts, but if it’s one of my friends that’s rolling in dough, hell no. Where did you get this from? Where’s the receipt? Where’s the box?

If he can’t afford it, I’m not mad. If he can, I’m pissed.

Saks used to sell Louis Vuitton but they stopped; they said they didn’t have high enough demand for it. I knew the guy who worked at the purse stand. He probably got fired. During a rough time, I was selling purses on the streets for half-price; that guy gave me one of the big, big ones, the doctor’s bag, the biggest one. I sold it. I wish I’d kept it. I wanted the money. I had to break him off half of whatever I made. He was gay, too. He came to me with the proposition when I was in there looking one day. It was right up my alley, you know it was. That’s the past, though. Saks is closed anyway.
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Blunt Econ 101

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt must have direct deposit, because he doesn’t seem to know where his paychecks come from.

Blunt spoke November 10 at the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council’s special-investor luncheon. The Republican governor used the occasion to detail the state’s efforts to make Missouri business-friendly — such as cutting taxes and capping jury awards at something like $24.50.

In the speech, Blunt took the opportunity to explain how state-level economics work. According to an account in The Kansas City Star, he noted, “The government doesn’t create jobs.”

Uh, actually, sir, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 429,500 Missourians work in government — including a certain ginger-haired cat elected to the highest office in the state last November. The governor will earn more than $120,087 this year — just don’t call it a “job.”

Rocca on Kansas

It’s been a mystery why Mo Rocca, former political wonk from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, has donned shirts from the University of Kansas and Kansas State University on VH1’s I Love the … series. Curious, we called Rocca at home in New York.

What’s with the Kansas outfits?

Kansas is the geographical center of the continental 48 states, and that seems fitting because, in a country that is ridden by so many conflicts and contradictions, it seems like a microcosm of those conflicts and contradictions. It should be highlighted.

What do you mean contradictions?

It was one of the first states to offer women’s suffrage … and first to outlaw liquor.

What did you think about repping two teams that are rivals?

I think it’s time to remember at this time of conflict over which shirt I wear on VH1 specials that there’s more that drives them [Kansans] together than drives them apart. All Kansans have the same state reptile, which is the painted box turtle. All Kansans can appreciate a sunflower. And I liked Bob Dole. He grew up in Kansas and was poor. And, yes, sometimes he seems bitter, but he’s funny. I sometimes wonder how [Gov.] Kathleen Sebelius would get along with Pat Roberts.

Which shirt is your favorite?

I actually don’t think I looked very good in purple. I think it made me washed out. Does that mean if I go back to the KU [shirt], I’ll keep it equal? That means I’ll probably wear it again. For I Love the ’70s, Part 5.

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