Blue Lagoon is the proper way to celebrate opening day

It’s difficult to find a royal blue cocktail that I actually want to drink. Blue is kind of a warning color when it comes to cocktails, like yellow and black tend to signal poisonous or dangerous insects in nature. A blue drink likely to be treacly or found in the form of a Jell-O shot.

Still, for opening day, I wanted to find a blue option that I could enjoy in the back yard while listening to the radio broadcast of the first Royals’ game. Plus, we look for excuses to drink here at Fat City.

The Obamarita was out, both because it’s no longer timely and novelty drinks are novelties for a reason. The Blue Hawaiian with pineapple juice, white rum and coconut liqueur might as well be fraternity house punch. Then I arrived at the Blue Lagoon: blue curacao, vodka and homemade lemonade.

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