Bloodbirds’ Psychic Surgery is out online now; show Thursday at the Eighth Street Taproom

  • From Bloodbirds’ Facebook.

Bloodbirds, the local psych-tinged post-punk trio featuring ex-Ad Astra Per Aspera dude Mike Tuley, Brooke Tuley and Anna St. Louis, has a new album out called Psychic Surgery. You can stream it online at their Bandcamp page, where you can also download it for seven bucks. The album will be available as a vinyl LP in April, and if you know you’ll want that, you can drop $15 and get the digital files today and the LP once it’s available. Holler at to do it that way.

Bloodbirds is at the Eighth Street Taproom in Lawrence this Thursday, with Radkey and Ponyboy. In a few weeks, you can see ’em at RecordBar with Ex-Cult and Lazy, on Tuesday, February 12.

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