Blanc Burgers + Bottles’ parent company files for Chapter 11

This should have been a great year for Ernesto Peralta, the founder of the two popular Blanc Burgers + Bottles restaurants (the Leawood location and the nine-month-old Westport venue, which brought the burger joint back to the neighborhood where Peralta opened the original restaurant in 2008).

In September, the parent company of the Blanc Burgers + Bottles restaurants, Circle Restaurant Group LLC, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, listing assets of $168,818 and liabilities of $202,942.66.

The main shareholders of Circle Restaurant Group are Peralta’s wife, Jenifer, with 63.70 percent; Patrick O’Hare with 9 percent; and former Blanc chef Josh Eans, now the owner of the Happy Gillis Cafe & Hangout, with 27.3 percent. Ernesto Peralta, who operates the restaurants, says the opportunity to reorganize the restaurant under Chapter 11 “gives us a chance to clean up some past issues.”

“The Westport location is doing well, and the Leawood restaurant is, too,” Peralta says. “But by reorganizing and restructuring the company, we can come back stronger than we were before.”

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